Exploring the Best Nightlife Spots in Flushing, New York

Explore Flushing's vibrant nightlife! From rooftop bars offering stunning views to unique food stands serving delicious dim sum dishes - there's something for everyone! Discover all that this NYC neighborhood has to offer.

Exploring the Best Nightlife Spots in Flushing, New York

Exploring the nightlife of Flushing, Queens, NY can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. From rooftop bars with stunning views of Manhattan Island to unique food stands, Flushing has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a great view of the Empire State Building or a delicious dim sum restaurant, this vibrant neighborhood has it all.

MOON BAR Rooftop

is the perfect spot to take in the city skyline.

With a 210-degree panoramic view of the Three Main Bridges and the Empire State Building, this rooftop bar offers a stunning view day or night. Enjoy a selection of fine wines such as Caymus, Silver Oak and Opus 1 while sipping on cocktails made exclusively by their waiters.

Leaf Bar & Lounge

is another great spot to enjoy a night out in Flushing. This bar offers a variety of drinks and snacks in a lively atmosphere.

For those looking for something more unique, Pong Arena is the place to go. This bar offers ping pong tables and a selection of drinks and snacks. A+ Roof Bar is another great spot to enjoy drinks and snacks with friends.

The Real KTV

is the perfect spot for those looking for a night of karaoke.

This bar offers private rooms for karaoke and a variety of drinks and snacks. Platinum Lounge is another great spot for karaoke with private rooms and a selection of drinks and snacks. Paradise Alley is another great spot for karaoke with private rooms and a selection of drinks and snacks.

Joe's Steam Rice Roll

is an easy-to-miss food stand with a loyal following.

As the name suggests, what you can order is a rice roll, a single large, flat noodle filled with products such as pork, veal or shrimp and covered with sesame seeds and chili oil. Seating is limited to a few bar stools on the counter, so be prepared to take them to go (or eat standing up) during busy lunch hours.

Fang Gourmet Tea

is the perfect spot for those looking for something more unique. Inside, you can sample a treasure trove of special teas, whose varieties range from rosehips and herbal orange blossoms to hand-picked wild Taiwanese oolong.

If you're new to tea, savvy merchants can answer any tea-related question you can think of.

Szechuan House

is considered the oldest Sichuan restaurant in the neighborhood and serves classic dishes from the region (mung bean noodles with sweet and sour sauce, spicy roasted fish and all kinds of stew options) in a lively and simple dining room. This restaurant is especially popular with those who want to try the amount of spices they can handle.

Asian Jewels

is one of the most popular spots for dim sum in Flushing.

The huge dining room is an attraction in and of itself, as waiters roll their carts between tables handing out freshly made soup dumplings, steamed rice rolls and pork rolls. In addition to dim sum, one of the most authentic Cantonese dishes is worth ordering: bird's nest soup with crab meat and sizzling dishes (chicken, veal, mushrooms) are some of the most outstanding dishes.

Best North Dumpling Shop

makes some of our favorite meatballs and pork rolls in the city. Gong Gan is a dessert lounge during the day and a wine bar at night that offers clever pastries and croffles.

For some of the best pizza in town, head over to this place in Flushing that has been around since the '70s and still serves some of the best greasiest pizzas in the city.

Dosa Hutt

offers temple goers and bystanders a similar menu of South Indian food while Sifu Chio serves up some delicious wontons and lo mein that we really like. Shanghai You Garden makes some of the best Xiao Long Bao in the city while Tarim Uyghur Food has especially good kebabs inside New World shopping center in Flushing. Tulcingo Bakery has some delicious shells while Yeh's Bakery has great pastries from Taiwan.

Hapisgah is a popular kosher steakhouse with Italian and Asian options. Flushing has become known as New York City's true Chinatown due to its large commercial district filled with restaurants, bars, shops, markets, malls and more! Exploring this vibrant neighborhood can be an exciting experience that will leave you wanting more!.

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